The NuGenesis multi-cross chain network provides:

Hadiqa Saim
3 min readJun 1, 2022


The NuGenesis blockchain network currently consists of a multi cross chain configuration that uses 6–29 languages interoperably.

The main chains are:

(a) The NuGenesis main blockchain that is built on Substrate;

(b) The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation innovations, beyond the Substrate framework, that use the Link language rather than Solidity to support the additional features on the NuGenesis Smart Chain™ and NuGenesis Smart Chain II, which include:

(i) Smart Contract Digital Notarised Contracts™ (DNCs)

(ii) Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

(iii) the multi-coin creation capability on the Smart Chain;

© The LedgerX (Exchange) Trade chain is based on C++, is a parallel processing chain made of a tri blockchain configuration;

(d) The Ethereum Chain;

(e) The Bitcoin Chain;

(f) The Ethereum Voting Chain (“EVC”);

(g) The BitCoin NU Chain; and,

(h) The BitCoin GREEN Chain (being a Proof of Authority version of bitcoin).

NuGenesis achieves unlimited scalability and speed through eliminating the validation bottleneck to data flow, uses consensus before packing and, currently implementing load balancers, with their own blockchain, to maximise block data, creation and speed.

2. The Most Advanced Eco system

NuGenesis has prioritised the user experience by removing barriers to mass adoption, provided liquidity by incorporating a fully-fledged open market exchange which has decentralised data stores for optimal security.

NuGenesis has relationships with a number of countries to implement a blockchain Code that will recognise and give legal certainty to a range of crypto asset instruments, provide better governance and disclosure standards to facilitate the growth of the crypto economy.

The interoperable environment allows virtually any project to ‘cut and paste’ into the NuGenesis ecosystem or interact through one or more chains. Smaller projects can run as para chains, and low-cost entry is permitted through the NuGenesis smart chain.

3. The Most Advanced Community, Governance and tokenomics

Fees are not existent. A community can freely interact on a decentralised social media platform (Just Social) that puts all the information possible in hands of the user.

Users and projects to interact and collaborate. Whether the interaction is with Venture Capital projects that are being reviewed by peers and users; whether it is accessing expertise from the users selling their services;

or whether it is providing a community exchange where projects can be properly funded without the leakage that currently is drained by exchange middlemen and liquidity pools, the ecosystem is designed to incentivise participation by all.

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