Hadiqa Saim
2 min readOct 25, 2022


Shihtzu Exchange was born from South Korea in 2019. Shihtzu Exchange universe need to add transparency, improve security, and give customers full ownership of their digital assets called STZU. Within a vast digital metaverse & NFT Minting marketplace Shihtzu connecting people through high-quality virtual assets world.

Shihtzu Exchange Metaverse universe is a advance combination of the words “Meta”, which is a prefix meaning more comprehensive or abstract, which basically implies going beyond the realities of our real world, and diving into a new life in a virtual space, which may or may not be different from reality

As the alternate universe approaches its public launch in 2021 and new features are added to capture the attention of both individuals and businesses, Shihtzu exchange takes a more vital role inside the Shihtzu universe. Aside from acting as the in-platform currency of Shihtzu exchange (STZU), token empowers users through NFT minting, marketplace operatio

In the Shihtzu Metaverse universe, users can interact with each other, earn STZU token, which can help you to play, sell, trade and perform real-life activities in the online NFT Minting marketplace World through the usage of their NFTs.

Shihtzu Exchange Universe is dedicated to making our World better place with the help of a virtual one. Shihtzu exchange will be a part of every transaction ever occurring in the Next generation universe, including decentralized finance, also it will be NFT minting based marketplace, transparent digital NFT and gaming licensing platform without a middle-man.

So Shihtzu users can Instantly buying selling NFTs, directly from the Shihtzu Exchange platform. Shihtzu exchange coin is one of first token that allows users to hold Billions or even Trillions of Shihtzu exchange digital currency in their wallet or exchange without any issue and it also help users to trade the NFTs worldwide with lower transaction fee.

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