Next-gen digital landlord token for
modern investors


is using a business model structured with maximum legal transparency by senior financial professionals with cumulative experience over 100 years with major international financial institutions in global financial centers.

DLORD token is backed by a growing proprietary portfolio of internet domains that are:

Benefits to DLORD investors

DLORD offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in a business model generating revenue globally from a portfolio of internet . No other crypto or conventional financial product provides investors with exposure to this asset class.

Over half of all tokens issued will be sold on crypto exchanges and traded daily at market prices based on demand and supply.

Price of DLORD

tokens is supported by two major factors: the total value of purchased domains and the amount of total tokens in circulation.

The tokens will be burned on a regular basis, reducing their supply. Therefore, their value is supported by the growing value of the domain portfolio and growing demand for DLORD tokens

Digital Landlord has been created in search of a crypto currency that is backed by collateral which is:
* Digital, but not crypto
* Produces an income In significant supply
*Easily transferable
* Has no expiry date
* Not linked to any specific country

Digital Landlord has been created in search of a cryptocurrency that is backed by collateral with optimal parameters. Following detailed market analysis, we have identified a unique digital asset that satisfies all the criteria above — digital domains.

Our DLORD is a crypto token (to be followed by a coin) that is deflationary and backed by a perpetual digital assets portfolio, generating inflation linked cash flow. We have built a proprietary business model generating revenue from internet domains across the globe.

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