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Kalycoin est une crypto-monnaie créée par la plateforme de paiement Kalypay pour une usabilité sur le marché réel

Kalycoin was created to enable fast and secure cross-border money transfers.

KLC is the token that powers the Kalypay payment platform’s rewards programme.

It will also be used as a means of payment at partner merchants.

Kalypay the multi-currency transfer platform.

In addition to the transfer, the staking of the KLC staking entitles you to an annual fee.

For a harmonised increase 20% of the profits will be reinjected into the liquidity pools to maintain its price.

Kalymarket the crypto marketplace.

Kalycoin will be used as a means of payment on the first marketplace accepting crypto-currency payments.

In addition to the Marketplace, Kalycoin will also be accepted as a payment method at our partner merchants.

KLC is a DeFi token on the Binance smart chain that allows you to participate in decentralised finance by investing via the liquidity pools of AMM (Automated Market Maker) platforms.

It is designed both to reward Kalypay customers for their card spending and to integrate the platform with the next generation of decentralised finance ecosystems (DeFi).

Kalycoin was launched in 2020 on the Smart Chain Binance which makes transactions fast, transparent and low cost.

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Hadiqa Saim

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