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Hadiqa Saim
2 min readSep 21, 2022


At The Beginning Of The White Paper, We Say That This Is Perhaps The Most Different White Paper You’ve Read. Because We Don’t Have Only One Project, We Have 19 Projects That We Will Introduce Them In This White Paper.

Some Of Them May Be Detailed, And Some Of Them May Be Brief And Concise. Intd Is The Focal Point For These 19 Projects, Each Of Which Can Be Presented Separately.

First, We Will Showcase Cak’s Intdest Technology Company With International Operations. And We Will Showcase All His Services. Then We Will Discuss Intd’s Role In These Projects And Present This Massive Project To You. Then Stick With Us.

The Interest Work Area: The Roof Of All Our Work Will Never Go From The Research And Development Phase. Cak Technology Will Always Work On And Develop Every Technology It Creates.

The Company Was Founded In 2017. The Company Management Aims To Shape The Current Global Demands By Starting The Technological Research And Development Studies In An Innovative And Contemporary Way With Our Original Working System,

By Moving The Comfort Of Our Colleagues’ Home To The Working Environment With An Active Principle That Is Entirely Excused By Leaving The Management System That Everyone Knows. Is Working.

Our Existing And Ongoing Systems Aim To Make The Current And Future Generations More Efficient With The Tools They Use Technologically In Their Activities In The Working Environment And Investment Security With The Safe Data Use Of Technology. We Aim To Be Known As The Light Of The Future.

Cak Keeps All Its Work And Colleagues Confidential. Studies Are Carried Out Integrated With The New World. Cak Accepts This As Confidential. It Aims To Protect Our Colleagues’ Information And Personal Data And Not Affect Their Private Lives.

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