Hadiqa Saim
2 min readSep 25, 2022



INTDESTCOIN is an ecosystem that validates value for anything, anywhere. It has enabled the validation of any digital content with no geographic location restrictions.

INTD: To create an integrated financial ecosystem for INTDEST services that includes but is not limited to short selling and hedging tools, an optimized trading algorithm from global investors, and exchange using the most popular payment tools.

What is the reason behind INTD?

  • Creating a platform for synchronizing INTDEST services
  • The communication bridge of data and information between users, INTDEST services
  • Providing payment for INTDEST services
  • Creating equal shares for users in INTDEST services
    Use for governance credentials to identify how network resources are allocated
  • Holding and profiting from staking INTD
  • Receive commission during transfer between XCHAIN network in addition to STAKE


Transaction Rewards, Reflection, And Benefits:

INTD bank is a customized digital banking service, provider.

it is committed to creating a public bank platform, an open marketplace that empowers small businesses and developers to develop new financial solutions. INTD bank will be offering its own set of APIs and SDKs and direct integration points with third-party apps and services.

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