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Hadiqa Saim
2 min readSep 16, 2022


Hash20 is designed in such a way to open door of DeFi for everyone; making the decentralized financial world accessible for all; through a multi chain yield processing Hash: Hash20.

The core idea behind the structure of this project, is to provide Hashers (The community of investors who invests through Hash20) the ease of investing in liquidity pools; without having to go through the hustle of wasting time and money in finding the right liquidity pool.

\Thus creating a safe and reliable atmosphere for novice investors; regardless of the hostilities in the DeFi space. Hash20 offers a judicious initiative, that operate through a set of algorithms that automatically diversify investments in reliable protocols.

In a nutshell, the benefits gained through MetaHash are: Diversification of the portfolio, minimized risk, lower fee, life-time reward generation, NFT staking, lesser hustle and bustle, and lastly, eradication of unlimited time spent on research.

Audit Scope

This audit covered the following files listed below with a SHA-1 Hash. The above token Team provided us with the files that needs to be tested.

We will verify the following claims:

  • Correct implementation of Token standard
  • Deployer cannot mint any new tokens
  • Deployer cannot burn or lock user funds
  • Deployer cannot pause the contract
  • Overall checkup (Smart Contract Security)

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