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Market maker team

Market maker (MM) is a market participant who creates token liquidity by placing transactions and controlling the price of an asset on the market.


— Account balance Order-book

— Order book

— Schedule

— Trading historybook

— Terminal

— History of own orders

Terminal Rental

— Volume bot

— Bot spreader

— Duplicate rate

— Anti-arbitrage

— Balance protection

— Telegram notifications

— Dashboard

— Reporting

Team Rental

— Creation of a strategy in accordance with the customer’s tasks

— Creation of liquidity

— Increase in trading volume

— Simulation of active trades in the order book

— Spread alignment

— Configuring and integrating bots (volume & battery bot, if it necessary)

— 2 traders per one exchange, for all trading pairs 24/7

— Technical support for bots

— Reporting

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Hadiqa Saim

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