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Value-driven Utility Coin.

Funds gained through the ICO-WA will be used for asset purchases linked to the bobcoin, which acts as a utility token linking the coin owner to this specific asset.

Bob Eco is integrating blockchain technology into its asset management systems to show the assets linked to BOBC.

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Create a wallet and start making money by having a social and environmental impact.

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Preamble / Mission statement

Bob Eco declared war against pollution and is creating thousands of jobs with the help of the world of Crypto and decentralized technology. Bob Eco is the first for-profit social enterprise offering an Asset-Backed utility token

Bob Eco Ltd. is an electric vehicle and clean energy company registered in Hong Kong. Bob Eco’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy while focusing on emerging markets, which begins with the motorcycle taxi market in Africa. Emerging markets, including African countries, are experiencing extraordinary economic growth; on the African continent alone, the motorcycle industry has grown into a 600-billion-dollar market.

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